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A user of a controversial online community called Ilbe has spread a rumor about Wendy claiming that she used to work at a bar as a hostess. The photo that was used was apparently a photo of Wendy and her friend during prom that was taken in a dark room. The user, however, claimed that it was taken at a bar that she worked at. Yeri won over the hearts of fans through her cute explanation of her cafeteria rumors. Rumors claiming that Yeri had eaten three red velvet dating rumors at the school cafeteria in one day had been circulating. My friends always bought me stuff when I went. Whenever I went to school, the kids would ask me to go to the cafeteria because I like to eat. I heard there were posts claiming that I ate three meals on the internet, but I actually only ate two.

Last month, netizens created a hot issue by claiming that the two idols showed signs of dating at an award ceremony. Their dating rumors have once again surfaced; this time with red velvet dating rumors evidence. First is the 'wink' evidence. Seulgi posted on Instagram, "Don't you think I'm good at winking now? These photos have also reportedly been taken on the same day during ' Idol Star Athletics Championships '.

Ever since early this year, netizens have called out alleged dating rumors between Irene and two potential celebrity boyfriends. Irene and Simon D come from two very different red velvet dating rumors scenes. Irene is the leader of Red Velvet, one of the most popular K-Pop princess groups. So how did the rumors between them start? As with any beginning of dating rumors, it started with the most searched keyword through search engines. Why would netizens worry over such a minor detail?
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None of the Red Velvet members have been involved in an open relationship since debut, but they have talked about dating and rumors before. Irene is said to have dated back in high school, prior to her becoming a trainee at SM Entertainment. There is a very old and almost unverifiable picture of Irene and her ex-boyfriend going around. The picture is said to be Irene red velvet dating rumors her high school boyfriend in their school uniforms, captured at karaoke. Your browser does not support video. Post-debut, Irene was involved in a dating rumor with actor Park Bo Gum.

Both idols took a strong position in their groups, as vocals and lead dancers. As reported from KoreaBoo, Seulgi became an SM trainee when joined an open audition and her father submitted the application form when she was only in 6th grade. Time passed, and Seulgi red velvet dating rumors that she had failed the audition, but she got a the long-awaited phone call and become a trainee when she entered her first year of middle school. During her trainee days, Seulgi attended school but she had been told to keep her status as an SM trainee a secret. Seulgi continued to be trained with the other trainees and got a chance to meet the rest of the Red Velvet members, who encouraged her to do her best for her eventual debut. Jimin moved to Seoul to became a trainee, and had the shortest trainee period of any of the members of BTS.

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